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Kadi Professional Hair Braiding
3167 East Main St
Columbus OH 43213
(614) 236-5441
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Knotless Box Braids

$ Call for price| Up to 1Hr

sku#001 by phone

Dreadlocks Interlock

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#002 by phone

Box Braids

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#003 by phone

Senegalese Twist

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#004 by phone

Big Cornrow each

$Call for price| 30 Min

sku#005 by phone

Twist on Natural hair

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#006 by phone

Closure sewing

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#007 by phone

Godless box braids

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#008 by phone

Faux locs braids

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#009 by phone

Goddess locs

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#010 by phone

Distressed fauxlocs waist length

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#011 by phone

Distressed fauxlocs shoulder length

$Call for price| 1 Hr

sku#012 by phone

Triangle Bob Boho Knotless

$Call for price| 3 hrs 30

sku#013 by phone

Zigzag Stitch Braids

$Call for price| 2 hrs 30

sku#014 by phone

Lemonade Stitch Braids

$Call for price| 4 hrs 30

sku#015 by phone

Half Stitch Braids, Half Weave

$Call for price| 3 Hr

sku#016 by phone

Freestyle Stitch Braids

$Call for price| 3 Hr

sku#017 by phone

Half Freestyle 10 to 12 Stitch and Weave

$Call for price| 4 Hr

sku#018 by phone


$Call for price| 1-3 Hr

sku#019 by phone

Simple Braided Cornrow

$Call for price| 1-3 Hr

sku#020 by phone

Feed-In Braids

$Call for price| 1-3 Hr

sku#021 by phone

Braided Ponytail

$Call for price| 1-3 Hr

sku#022 by phone

Elegant Braided Bun Updo

$Call for price| 1-3 Hr

sku#023 by phone

Curly Mohawk with Flat Twisted Sides

$Call for price| 2-3 Hr

sku#024 by phone

Non Refundable Deposit: $20
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=== Attention ===
It may take up to 24 hours to send an alert to the salon. Do not call right away! Or just book by phone instantly.

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Booking by phone is Free

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About Online Booking?

Scheduling an appointment is easy.
After all, your life is already busy and hectic enough, so we provide this convenient way to schedule your appointment. Be advised that our online appointment requires a deposit of 20 (deductible from your payment at the selected day). You can also call to schedule an appointment free of charge... Priority is given to our online calendar. Just make a deposit to book & confirm your appointment by calling (614) 236-5441 .
(please read our guideline bellow)

Appointment and Cancellation
Our goal is to provide quality hairstyle in a timely manner. In order to do so we have had to implement an appointment/cancellation policy. The policy enables us to better utilize available appointments for our broad clients in need of Hair Braiding & Styling.

Cancellation of an Appointment
Please be courteous and call the salon promptly if you are unable to attend an appointment. This time will be reallocated to someone else. This is how we can best serve the needs of customer. Absolutely no refund (Transferable to family/friend)- a credit will be given for any future services if You call to cancel a day before.

No Show Policy
A no show is someone who misses an appointment without canceling it by 6:00 PM - one (1) working day in advance. No-shows inconvenience those individuals who also need your time frame. A failure to present at the time of a scheduled appointment will be recorded as a no show and void your deposit. Late cancellations will also be considered as a no show.

Your Paypal Receipt will be printed [No Refund Booking Deposit] - absolutely no refunds for No Show/No Call 1 Day before to cancel. We do give 100% refunds if we fail to provide service by the time of service (on time).

What to look for?

No Refund Please

Your Appointment information will be attached to your PayPal receipt as shown. UPDATED POLICY DUE TO COVID-19
TO LIMITED SEATING AND SPACE, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM BRINGING ANY EXTRA PEOPLE UNLESS SERVICES ARE BEING RENDERED. If you bring guest and they are not being serviced, they will be asked to leave... Social distancing rules!

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